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Tradition and modernity

Sprint Distillery was founded in 1966.

Our artisan distillery was founded in 1966 by the Gorini family and the name Sprint comes from the name of the ‘Sprinter’ Gorini Walter, a member of the family who won the bronze medal at the world championships in 1966 in Frankfurt and gold in 1968. in Montevideo.
Today, the company is owned by the Terre Cevico agricultural cooperative  , a national leader in the wine sector.
Over the years, the Sprint distillery has acquired several brands and, above all, many artisanal and exclusive recipes for the production of spirits with a strong personality and unique character.
To the more traditional grappas, spirits and liqueurs, Sprint Distillery has been able to combine a series of modern and innovative products, also suitable for the tasting of the most demanding tasters.