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Aperitifs to mix, Sprint Mix

Aperitifs to mix, Sprint Mix

The taste is max when it is Sprint Mix

  1/3 cool, 1/3 mood, 1/3 fun … SprintMix is ​​born! The new mix, lively, fresh, light, based on infusions of...

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Tradition and modernity
Story Sprint Distillery was founded in 1966.
Today, the company is owned by Terre Cevico, a national agricultural cooperative leader in the wine sector.
During the course of the years, Sprint distillery acquired different brands and, above all, many exclusive craft recipes for the production of spirits with a strong personality and unique character.
The italian grappa, distillates and more traditional liqueurs are the main products, and Sprint Distillery has succeeded in combining a number of modern and innovative products adapted to the exigencies of the most demanding tasters.
Among the best known traditional liquors, there are some brands, like the bitter Gambadilegno (Pete), obtained from an ancient recipe of the liqueur producer Garotti, the dry gin Red Harris, a distillate of grain brandy, the Passadora, a tipycal italian grappa, obtained by fine grape of Romagna and distilled in special vacuum stills. And again, the Prumà, fruity plum liqueur, and other grappas and walnut liqueur of the Horeca range: Crude.
Today, the company produces liqueurs and creams such as Choc, chocolate and cream, Nera Liquerizia, made from the roots of liquorice from Calabria, Cuore Divino, a sweet liqueur made from red wine and sour cherries, the tipycal Limoncello and Caffé Espresso flavoured liqueur, but also various fruit liqueurs: Fior di Bananino, an enveloping banana liqueur cream, coconut and melon creams.