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Aperitifs to mix, Sprint Mix

Aperitifs to mix, Sprint Mix

The taste is max when it is Sprint Mix

  1/3 cool, 1/3 mood, 1/3 fun … SprintMix is ​​born! The new mix, lively, fresh, light, based on infusions of...

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Products for industry

Semi-finished products for liqueurs
Products for industry Sprint Distillery is partner and supplier of various companies for the preparation of semi-finished products for liqueurs and other alcoholic based preparations.
Sprint provides liqueurs & distillates in bulk ready for packaging and bottling.
Products for pastry making and special recipes for the confectionery industry.
Packs even cans of 25 l, 200 l drums, pallets from 1000 lt, bulk in tank.
Contact us to submit your requests. We will find a solution to your needs.