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New Fior di Nocciola

New Fior di Nocciola
Creamy liqueur from Italian hazelnuts
Liqueur particularly creamy, obtained from italian hazelnuts, with a strong fragrance, sweet to the palate and the taste slightly alcoholic....

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Sprint Distillery

Italian artisan production of alcoholic beverages.
Sprint Distillery, a company from Italy, produces a wide and varied range of spirits, such as distillates and brandies, italian grappa, liqueurs, creams and many other proposals to offer unique, distinctive products of excellent quality.
The liqueurs are produced with the use of high-grade alcohol, worked with herbs, herbal teas, fruit and juices, derived from the production of wine, reinterpreting in modern key ancient recipes handed down for generations.
Sprint Distillery also offers important novelties from the market of alcoholic beverages to satisfy the most demanding requirements of sector operators: wine bars, restaurants, wholesalers and distributors of drinks.
The company also distributes some imported products, selected carefully after a process of analysis of the suppliers.
The Distillery is owned by Cevico Group, an important cooperative that focuses on wine production and marketing coordination for sale, leader on a national level with some major brands such as Vigneti Galassi (Galassi Vineyards), Tenuta Masselina, RomandiolaSancrispino and Cantine Ronco (Ronco Wineries).

Please, drink responsible.

The original italian grappa Crude

The original italian grappa Crude

Sangiovese: bright transparent color; a distinct, yet fine bouquet.  Offers the aromatic intensity, customarily found with Tuscan-Romagna grappas.  Fragrant and harmonious taste, with a sensation of fresh marc, paired with six months of aging.
Cabernet: a quality grappa, strong, with an intense fragrance and body characterized by hints of walnut and wine.
Malvasia: a clean grappa with exceptional aromas of mature fruit, grasses and meadows.  Offers a bouquet of great richness and rare elegance, emphasizing the gifts of this well sought out wine.  Very delicate.
Sauvignon: the unique fermentation and distillation of the Sauvignon grapes and later aging in steel give life to this very special grappa, with notes and tones of spices, flowers and herbs.

Suggested for:
excellent at the end of a meal and while relaxing; best served cold at a temperature of 8-10° C.

Capacity: 0,50
Alcoholic degree: 40% vol

Fior di Nocciola hazelnuts

Fior di Nocciola hazelnuts

Liqueur particularly creamy, obtained from italian hazelnuts, with a strong fragrance, sweet to the palate and the taste slightly alcoholic.

Alcoholic content: 17% vol
LIters 0,50

Suggested for:
Excellent liquor to be consumed at the end of the meal, but also ideal for wine tasting in cheerful company of friends.

Alcoholic degree: 17% vol