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Aperitifs to mix, Sprint Mix

Aperitifs to mix, Sprint Mix

The taste is max when it is Sprint Mix

  1/3 cool, 1/3 mood, 1/3 fun … SprintMix is ​​born! The new mix, lively, fresh, light, based on infusions of...

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Sprint Distillery

Italian artisan production of alcoholic beverages.
Sprint Distillery, a company from Italy, produces a wide and varied range of spirits, such as distillates and brandies, italian grappa, liqueurs, creams and many other proposals to offer unique, distinctive products of excellent quality.
The liqueurs are produced with the use of high-grade alcohol, worked with herbs, herbal teas, fruit and juices, derived from the production of wine, reinterpreting in modern key ancient recipes handed down for generations.
Sprint Distillery also offers important novelties from the market of alcoholic beverages to satisfy the most demanding requirements of sector operators: wine bars, restaurants, wholesalers and distributors of drinks.
The company also distributes some imported products, selected carefully after a process of analysis of the suppliers.
The Distillery is owned by Terre Cevico, an important cooperative that focuses on wine production and marketing coordination for sale, leader on a national level with some major brands such as Vigneti Galassi (Galassi Vineyards), Tenuta Masselina, RomandiolaSancrispino and Cantine Ronco (Ronco Wineries).

Please, drink responsible.

CHOC CHOCOLATE grappa & chocolate

CHOC CHOCOLATE grappa & chocolate

Wisely proportioned chocolate and grappa liquor of high quality make this liquor a union of perfect proportions. Which is well-balanced in its ingredients. It is elegant and delicious: the real liquor for conversation.

Suggested for:
If served alone it can be the perfect end of a pleasant dinner, or it can be served as a topping on the ice-cream exalting its flavour. Ideal to garnish and flavour desserts and cold desserts and to satisfy the whims of the most greedy. Serve it at room temperature.

Capacity: 0,50 in astuccio + 20 cialde; 0,70 in astuccio + 20 cialde; 0,70 senza astuccio, esclusivo Horeca
Alcoholic degree: 17% vol.